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    Mini Foraging Basket

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    This foraging basket is great for farmer’s markets, pic-nics, and of course foraging. It is handwoven from veta vera grass in northern Ghana. A time consuming process, the grass is dried, split, rolled, before being woven into this beautiful work of art!

    The basket is then hand dip dyed by myself from natural, foraged materials.

    Diameter: ~8″
    Height: ~5″ (8″ with handle)

    *Note that these baskets are shipped to you already shaped & are not flat. They are ready to use upon arrival! Each one is handwoven and unique. The photo represents the approximate pattern and coloring you will receive, but please keep in mind that they are woven by different women in a cooperative, and as such, have unique properties to them.

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    Naturally Dyed Craft Wool Bundle


    A set of 3 hand wound balls of yarn. 100% wool and hand dyed from natural materials.

    Wool is from a family farm in California, but is not the softest out there. Great for keeping kids crafting though.

    30 grams total. 1x 15g 1x10g 1x5g

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    Scraps for buntings

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    In an effort to always be heading into a waste free lifestyle and business model I am continually saving fabric scraps. Odten I am left with these little triangular shaped jersey scraps perfect for buntings/garlands or whatever other crafty goodness you can conjure.

    sizes may vary. 4 for $1